Orchid Subscription (Monthly)



WHAT'S A SUBSCRIPTION: Send flowers regularly to yourself or as a gift to someone. This selection is our monthly service option for our "Orchid Plant". Our designers will choose a beautiful orchid plant and dress it in our signature style and deliver it once per month. Your credit card will automatically be charged each month for your selection.

This is a wonderful choice for some long lasting blooms for your home. A lovely gift for a friend or family member to say I'm thinking of you! It's friendly, it's casual, it's practical yet packs a punch. We'll choose the freshest orchid plant available. We use local flowers whenever possible. In an effort to be more eco-friendly we visit our local growers market where we talk directly to the flower farmers about our purchases!

DID YOU KNOW: Flowers boost creativity and improve your mood. Try it! Do an experiment by purchasing flowers once a week for a month or once a month or just more often than you normally would. See how you feel afterwards. Are you able to focus and be more productive? Are you generally in a better mood? Do your family and guests feel more welcome? Are you keeping your house or work space neater/cleaner? My guess is that one or more of these are happening!

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