Hand-Tied Bouquet Subscription (Monthly)


WHAT'S A SUBSCRIPTION: Getting flowers on the regular! This selection is our monthly option for delivery. We deliver Monday - Friday so choose whichever day suits your needs. 

Each month, our designers choose the best flowers and color palette according to what's in season. They are hand-tied, which means we gather them together and tie with raffia so its easy to just drop into your own vase at home. We wrap them up for you with an Eco-wrap around the stems ensuring their freshness for all day until they can get into a vase of water.

Your credit card will automatically be charged each month for your selection.

This is a wonderful choice of uplifting flowers. Not too fancy, yet specifically chosen from the best of the season. A lovely gift for a friend or family member to say I'm thinking of you! It's friendly, it's casual, yet packs a punch. We'll gather the most beautiful blooms and arrange them in a carefree style. We use local flowers whenever possible. In an effort to be more eco-friendly we visit our local growers market where we talk directly to the flower farmers about our purchases!

DID YOU KNOW: Flowers boost creativity and improve your mood. Try it! Do an experiment by purchasing flowers once a week for a month or once a month or just more often than you normally would. See how you feel afterwards. Are you able to focus and be more productive? Are you generally in a better mood? Do your family and guests feel more welcome? Are you keeping your house or work space neater/cleaner? My guess is that one or more of these are happening!

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