Wedding Ceremony

Elegant Wedding Ceremony Floral Design in Seattle, WA and beyond

Wedding ceremonies: from intimate to grand!

Imagine walking down the aisle to meet your partner, clasping hands and speaking your intentions for the future. What type of setting would you like to surround you?

Will you stand beneath an arch or chuppah? Or in front of a lush greenery or tropical backdrop?

Will you gingerly walk down an aisle of thick rose petals and then after the “kiss” will you kick off your shoes to feel the cool, velvety carpet of petals beneath your feet?

Creativity is embraced with open arms at Juniper Flowers. We want you and your guests to be relaxed, comfortable and wowed by the subtle simplicity or dramatic extravagance of our designs.

We can also design your ceremony with elements that can be transferred to your reception such as florals lining the aisle that will double as table centerpieces. Large statement florals may be placed on entry or buffet tables at the reception.

Remember that the ceremony is a wonderful place to take photos of your wedding party and is something to take into consideration when it comes to flowers. Also, using seasonal blooms to highlight the time of year you are married can be a lovely reminder each anniversary when buds awaken as well as being timelessly preserved in your photographs.

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