About Subscriptions

Our flower subscriptions are not like the usual "flowers in a box" that arrive via FedEx. Your subscription will be an artistic arrangement of the freshest unique blooms we can source locally and your arrangement will be hand delivered by our very own delivery drivers, ensuring it arrives as intended. We have the most frequency choices and price-points of any subscription service and our customer service is unmatched. You can also choose almost any day of the week (excluding some holidays and Sundays) to have your subscription delivered. If you choose a "pickup in store" plan, we are open 7 days a week (except some holidays).

As a "thank you" for choosing to get flowers on the regular we offer a 10% discount on all plans over $75, use discount code: "SAVE10" at checkout! Then follow the instructions below to get the plan started.

Where do I start?
  1. Browse the available subscriptions by clicking "View Plans" from the drop down menu.
  2. Click on the plan that fits the frequency and product you are looking for. (some plans are "in store pickup" while all others are for delivery)
  3. Next, click on the "subscribe & save" button to find your price point, then click "buy now". 
  4. Create an account to manage your plan.

Your first installment will be charged immediately, but you can choose the date you want your subscription to begin* (We will adjust the plan according to your start date). 

     *If you choose the current day as your start date, we must receive your order by 9am PST.

You can also input a card message if this is a gift. 

Plans are delivered as followed:

  • Weekly plans delivered same day every week
  • Bi-Weekly plans delivered same day every other week
  • Monthly plans delivered same day every month
  • Pick up in store plans will be ready by 9am PST on your regular pick up day.

*We deliver Monday - Saturday. Pickups are available 7 days a week, except some holidays.

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes. Your delivery fee is based on your location and distance from our flower shop. We are a small, independently owned flower shop. In order for us to pay our drivers a living wage and cover costs like (fuel, tolls, maintenance, etc.) we need to charge a delivery fee. We offer "in store pickup" options for all our plans if you would like to skip the delivery fee. 

How do I change my delivery date?

You can easily skip a delivery by logging into your account, click on your upcoming invoice then click the "skip installment" button. If you don't want to skip an installment, but just change the date slightly, give us a call (206)285-2700 or send an email at and we can adjust accordingly.

How do I view My Account?

Click on "Subscriptions" from the main menu and select "Customer Portal". Here you can view all items pertinent to your account.

Can I add/change a card message?

Yes. When you sign up you can include a card message. If you want to keep the same card message throughout your subscription, just leave as is. If you want to change the card message, you can do so before your next installment is charged. When you receive your email reminder for your next installment; login to your account and change your card message. It's that simple 

Can I put my subscription on hold?

Yes, but you might need an assist (from us). The system will allow you to skip an installment once an invoice has been generated, but a new invoice is only created after the current installment has been charged. You can continue to skip installments until you're ready to resume or you can let us know and we can change your invoice to reflect the end of your "hold". Give us a call or send an email (listed above).

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time by logging into your account through the customer portal and clicking on "Subscriptions". Here you will see all your subscriptions. Click the "Cancel" button at the far right and confirm. We hate to see you go and if there is ever an issue, we hope you'll reach out before cancelling.

We hope to add your to our schedule soon!