Exquisite Orchids : Double stem Phalaenopsis Orchid plant

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Exquisite Orchids : Phalaenopsis Orchid blooming plant, we'll choose the best color

Choose this lovely plant as a gift for the home or office. A wonderful addition to your family!

If we do not have a double stem in stock, we'll add additional airplants to our single stem selection.

We will choose a beautiful color of phalaenopsis orchid, dress it with branches, mosses, and other accents. The result is striking. These plants last for months and contrary to popular belief are very easy to care for.

Here are some instructions to get you on your way to keeping this baby for as long as you can


Medium to bright (indirect) light. Avoid direct sunlight, as leaves burn easily. If leaves turn yellow or splotchy, plant is getting too much light.


Day: 68-85° F; Night: 65–75°F. Plant should have even temperature if possible, especially when in bud. Chilly temperatures or drafty areas can cause flowers and buds to drop.


Water Phalaenopsis about once a week: it’s best to allow potting mix to almost dry out between watering. Check the medium with your finger - if you feel moisture do not water. Do not let stand in water. Some avid orchid lovers swear by placing 3-4 ice cubes on the moss material every 2 weeks, they will melt on their own and provide just enough to keep the plant material damp.

Experience has shown us that these beautiful specimens really don't need all that much fuss. You can almost ignore them and they will thrive. The common misconception is that they are so delicate and so hard to care for. Quite the contrary: the worst you can do is overwater them. Try the every week or two of shot glass sized water amount, try the ice cubes, find what works best for you and stick to it. The orchids will thank you!

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