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FROM THE MAKERS: We’re a family of artisans with a passion for refined and handcrafted fragrances. Founded in Seattle, our candles are small-batch and always poured by hand, a celebration of the elegance and heritage of traditional American craftsmanship that has defined the Pacific Northwest for generations.

Our fragrances are exclusively designed and handcrafted in-house with only the finest essential and fragrance oils. In addition, our candles utilize a natural and sustainable wax derived from US-grown soybeans as well as lead and zinc free cotton wicks.

FROM JUNIPER FLOWERS: These candles are a best seller in our shop! We light one at the start of each day for just a few hours and the lovely fragrance lingers in the shop for the rest of the day. The scents are pure, warm aromas that are pleasing and not overpowering. Try one out today!

This is an add-on item and not available for delivery on its own.


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