Hand Crafted Soap Bars


HAND CRAFTED SOAP - delightfully fragrant add on gift. This item cannot be ordered on its own, add it to your floral order.

KILLER QUEEN: tangerine, anise & honey

BLOCK ISLAND BLISS: lavender, geranium, grapefruit

ROSEMARY'S BABY: rosemary, peppermint

ROCKAWAY BEACH:coconut cream

These handcrafted soaps are made from scratch using the cold process method. The combination of vegetable oils yields a bar that is both conditioning and lathering. We enhance the performance of many of our soaps with natural ingredients such as fresh fruit and vegetable purees, pure essential oils, activated charcoal, French clay, coffee, yogurt and coconut milk. All of our soaps are gentle enough to use on your face and cleansing enough to use on your whole body.

These items are available in store OR ADDED to your flower delivery.

They are not available for delivery on their own.



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