Camping Essentials Gift Crate


Overnight Essentials Gift Crate

Small crate with essential items for traveling. Be it an overnight retreat or car camping, a cute gift or keep for yourself.


Sacred Copal Hydrosol. This may be used as an aromatic spray, as a balancing skin/hair toner, body spray, and is well suited for meditative and energetic crafts. It has a citrusy, resinous/balsamic, dry earth aroma.

Insect Repellant, DEET-free natural ingredients 

Hand Sanitizer, plant based, no petrochemicals, consists of craft-distilled organic cane sugar alcohol(70%) and organic/wildcrafted essential oils to kill at least 99.99% of germs. 

Dream Balm. This salve can be applied before bed or during times of stress. Apply a small amount to temples, pulse pints, forehead, and/or third eye before bed or whenever feeling anxious. CAUTION:This product contains Mugwort which is not recommended during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, or for young children or individuals prone to epilepsy.

Joe Chocolates. Salted caramel flavor, dark chocolate + caffeine so you can get through the day!

Thompson&Cloud Candle. We'll choose a lovely scent for you!

Stella Marie Soap Co. handmade soap bar, all natural with a base of coconut and olive oils. We'll choose a lovely scent for you!





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