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We have come so far from when we opened our little shop in the Sorrento Hotel in 2003.

We worked with the fabulous sales and catering staff there on numerous corporate events and weddings. So much gratitude and thanks to them for believing and trusting in us. A few years later we relocated to lower Queen Anne where we became neighbors with Choice Linens. We struck up a friendship immediately and joined forces on linens and flowers for discerning clients. With this growth, many wonderful employees came through our doors, and worked diligently to adhere to my high standards of customer service and providing the best quality product out there.


At this point Mike was able to leave his post as Fairmont Hotel Doorman to join the team. So grateful to have him as a co-conspirator in work goals as well as raising our little family. We survived the economic downturn that hit in 2008 where we had to make hard decisions, and in 2010 Mike and I took a chance by leaving our street space in Queen Anne and renovating our garage to make it Juniper’s home. It was a transition for sure. I can admit now that before every wedding consultation I held there, I prayed that the clients wouldn’t need to use the bathroom(located in the house), and if they did, I prayed harder that there wasn’t a toddlers pair of batman underwear laying on the floor or even worse, a surprise in the toilet! For 5 years we made this work and by the time we were offered a space in Fremont (our current location) we ran, tools in hand, to turn it into a floral studio.


Fast forward to present day. For the past 2 years we’ve made Fremont our flower home, becoming part of this amazing small town center of the universe shopping area. We shared a space with TygerWolf Tattoo, both growing our businesses until 4 months ago when TygerWolf owner, Christy broached the question “do you want to take over the whole space?” They were expanding and moving to a new location. It took all of 5 seconds before answering with a shriek YES! The plans were in motion in my head within minutes and we started renovations in mid October. We have completed the redesign of the front room and it now showcases a beautiful retail space. I’m so pleased with how it came out, thankful to our employees and friends who helped this dream space come to fruition. If you haven’t seen it yet, please come by and wish Juniper Flowers a happy birthday, or belated one, we won’t tell.


Our location address is 459 N. 36th Street in Fremont. The shop is below Fremont Coffee Co. which is so convenient for coffee lovers like us. Cheers!

Chalk Boss designed some fabulous signs for us! Check out their website here

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