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Creamy white, peach and blush will always be one of our wedding favorites

The only guidelines for this bouquet were the color choices and that it contain no greenery.

Taking into account a few of the bride’s favorites- larkspur, Juliet garden roses and babies breath- we paired them with dahlias, ranunculus, scabiosa, and a hint of statice.

This tighter composition is uniquely artistic in how it is clustered together. Pairing up several of the same flower right next to each other creates more visual interest as opposed to dotting all the flowers around sporadically.

Artistic style is also translated into this beautiful flower crown. Minimal focal blooms are placed with purpose and the areas between them is a light placement of smaller secondary accent flowers. The overall effect of this style is a delicate and lighter flower crown.

Bouquet + Flower crown artistically designed by Dacia, one of Juniper’s team.




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