Celebrating Mothers Everywhere: Mother’ Day Sunday May 12

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what does Endgame have to do with Mother’s day????

Last night I saw Avengers : Endgame with my husband and our son. Driving home I mentioned mother/son relationships in the movie. A scene between Thor and his mother Frigga had a powerful message that gave me all the feels. No spoilers here! Just a little affection for a movie scene. Anyway, I felt it was apropos to mention it seeing Mother’s Day is a week away! We will be celebrating Mothers Everywhere : Mother’s Day Sunday May 12

I was sifting through photos from some of our past events and came upon these lovely shots of Moms at weddings to share with you.

    softball and baseball

    Celebrations are wonderful for remembering life’s great moments. I like to thank my own mom every year for the life she gave me as well as sharing a story from my past with my son. One story in particular sprang to mind after a day of watching his baseball game.

    In grades second through fifth I played softball. I was a small shy kid who when up to bat, just wanted ‘to get it over with’. That being said, generally I hit the ball, however never with quite enough power to get me past first base. My mom came to every game and rooted our team on from the stands. One game in particular, after hitting an infield grounder I plowed into the first base player who was twice my size because she was standing in the baseline. Having been told to run it out, I pretty much tried to run through her. Luckily I wasn’t knocked out cold, just shaken. I remember crumbling to the ground and my coach carrying me off the field as I tried to catch my breath.

    My mom didn’t freak out, nor come rushing the field. She waited for the coach to get me to the bench where she then asked if I was ok and if I wanted to keep playing. Absolutely, I was fine. Knowingly, my mom didn’t want to embarrass me with creating a fuss, for this I was grateful. I didn’t want to be coddled, I wanted to be strong, independent, and resilient!

    hip hip hooray!

    Now, as a mom, I try not to create a fuss or freak out! Parents showing up to their kids sporting and extra-curricular events makes me happy! The cheers of excitement, nervousness, tension and exaltation ring in their voices. However, there is something more behind the quiet gaze of looking on and just letting it be; that is what I enjoy most of all. In other words, I’m trying to hold my tongue!

    Thank you’s go out to the photographers who allow us to showcase their lovely work.

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    Jean Louise

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