Behind The Scenes: Making Flower Magic Happen

Events & Weddings

….wonder what it looks like before the event or what happens on a regular day? We’ll show you some outtakes of those moments…

Most of the time, we create messes; big ones, before the final beauty happens. It’s pretty freeing to work and throw the clippings on the floor. It can be hours of trodding over the floor scraps before realizing it would be better to take a minute and sweep up!

Events, weddings, and even daily floral orders for delivery take much thought before they ever come into being. Size, color, seasonal availability, and cost all come into play. Flowers, containers, accessories need to be ordered, flowers and greenery need to be processed correctly to promote longevity. Additional staff may need to be hired, designs created. AND THEN…all needs to be loaded up for delivery. It’s tetris, jenga game, or jigsaw puzzle depending on your favorite analogy:) We always joke as we are boxing things up that it would be so much easier if we just had the event at our shop! Of course after patting yourself on the back for having packed up, then you need to drive CAREFULLY to the venue and unload. Set it all up, take photos, do an instagram story, chat with staff. And then in the interim you may have time to eat, shower, possibly nap before BREAKING IT ALL DOWN AT THE END OF THE NIGHT. It takes alot to make magic. Especially Flower Magic. And we truly love every minute!

photos above include the following venues: Four Seasons Seattle Hotel, Juniper Flowers, Olympic Rooftop Pavilion, and Marian Built Loft

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