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June 28-July 4

American Flowers week is coming up. It’s official dates are June 28-July 4

Check out this article to get inspired!

We took time off to have a relaxing break last week and I was able to enjoy some backyard foraging and flower arranging. Check out the different colors and variations in these beautiful Hosta plants.

Hostas can be prone to slugs and insects so be ready to conquer or live with these pests before planting in your yard. Here are some eco-friendly tips on slug fighting

I find that when I backyard forage I am more open minded than when I buy at the wholesale market. Part of this stems (pun intended) from the fact that I’m usually on vacation and in someone else’s yard. Recently at my in-laws house, weeks of rainfall resulted in muddy lawns and waterlogged plants. Being it was mid-June we just missed most of the spring blooming flowers and were a bit early for the full on summer blooms. I had to be more selective than if it were late July/August.

I chose purple salvia for height.

Fuchsia sweet William (dianthus) for a dramatic color with a complementing spray rose in the same tone.

Lambs Ear for a textured neutral.

Hosta leaves for substance – I didn’t have access to any large focal flowers so chose to have 2 large leaves instead.

Mint for fragrance and the color.

Honeysuckle for the fragrance and trailing vine

Clematis for more trailing!

Try this at home! Everyone seems to have a Ball or Kerns jar laying around. Give it a go and use the Flower Formula of Five above for an interesting design!


Color (dramatic pop + neutral)


Focal flower

Trailing and/or dancing

Also, Fragrance is not a necessity but always encouraged!

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